Smart Sensor Solution

Global Push Services

Thanks to IFREEQ's global layout, the push services have now covered over 190 countries around the world, helping you tap into the global market. IFREEQ works with carriers in different countries and regions to create reliable phone and text message push services, so you will never miss any alert messages. In addition, the message push supports the setting of multiple groups of emergency contacts. When the first emergency contact is not connected, the rest emergency contacts will be automatically dialed to avoid missed calls.

Wi-Fi Low-Power Fast-Connection Technology

Based on IFREEQ's self-developed low-power fast-connection technology, Wi-Fi sensing devices with ultra-low power consumption can be quickly woken up and connected to the network to report data. Currently, this technology has been applied to Wi-Fi no-code development solutions of sensors.

Automatic Reminder of Device Offline

IFREEQ's dynamic heartbeat detection algorithm is adopted. When the device is detected as offline due to exceptions such as power failure of the utility-powered device or the battery-powered device, a reminder message will be automatically pushed, notifying the user to check the device timely and avoid losses.

Real-time Weather Forecast

According to IFREEQ's distribution algorithm, the device can get the local weather forecast through the IFREEQ module and update the forecast information as soon as 30 minutes. By virtue of IFREEQ's global layout and cooperation with third-party weather forecast service providers, weather forecast services cover most countries and regions around the world.

Massive Control Panels


Wide Coverage of Functionality

The all-in-one panel solution currently covers sensors.

Panel Studio

At the Panel Studio, you can customize the layout, style, and user interface of the control panel in light of features of different products.


Efficient Extension Development

The panel adopts a modular development approach to combine functional modules like a building block. Each independent functional module is maintained and optimized at lower risks and costs, facilitating flexible and convenient extension development and iteration of new functions.
Flexible Config

Flexible Panel Configuration

The panel components are called from IFREEQ RN component library, featuring modern user interface, uniform style, and easy-to-use UI. The panel supports a range of custom configurations. Flexibly configure contents and styles for each functional module to fit different product definitions and application scenarios.

Low-Cost Hardware Development

Sensor T (5)

No-code Development

Quickly develop firmware online in a graphic configurator, requiring no programming skills.
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MCU Low-code Development

Use plug-and-play network modules to create a smart product by writing a few lines of code to the MCU.

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Open-source Hardware Solutions

IFREEQ provides standardized open-source hardware solutions and design references, greatly reducing your development costs.
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Cloud Configuration

Functions such as fault alerts and scenario automation can be configured in the cloud, without handling complex logic programming.

Connect Hardware Products across Categories