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Smart Education Solution

Propel smart transition of campus scenarios through IoT.

Since the Ministry of Education issued the 13th Five-Year Plan for Educational Informatization, various provinces and cities have issued development plans related to education informatization. Some provinces have also taken the smart campus project as the key construction task and put forward clear goals and plans for smart campus construction. The smart campus initiative is a major event related to education in China. The implementation of smart campuses is an inevitable trend and the policy support will remain at a high level in the future.

Based on the 'Powered by Tuya' hardware ecosystem and the open IoT platform, IFREEQ Smart provides services such as campus digital management, campus security, smart classroom, and smart dormitory for campus- and dormitory-based scenarios.

Pain Points

Insufficient Device Interoperability

The smart campus is a comprehensive scenario that involves devices of multiple categories, such as security, environment, and home. The devices are produced by different manufacturers and cannot communicate with each other.

Low Scalability

Diverse software and systems are required, and the software and systems are not scalable.

Information Silos

The manufacturers of the systems and devices are different and can only meet short-term requirements. The systems are not connected with each other. The different systems and devices are increasing, make management difficult and complex, and form information silos.



IFREEQ opens up full-link PaaS capabilities of the hardware, cloud services, and client. IHVs can integrate smart educational devices into the Powered by Tuya (PBT) ecosystem through open hardware integration capabilities to enjoy the global multi-channel promotion. Catering for needs of a smart campus, ISVs can create specified scenario applications based on the PBT ecosystem, and jointly implement the smart campus project with the SIs.


Diversified Smart Products

IFREEQ has accumulated numerous smart product solutions, which can be selectively applied to smart campus scenarios.

Multi-terminal Management System

Multiple user terminals, such as cloud platforms and apps, allow students, teachers, and administrators to easily access smart campus services.

Open PaaS Capabilities

IFREEQ Smart provides a variety of open APIs to help you implement fundamental IoT capabilities and integrate the existing resources of the education industry, so that various system integrators can be integrated into your platform.

Partner Ecosystem

As an open global AI + IoT platform, IFREEQ supports smart device integration across brands, and empower schools, independent software vendors (ISVs), independent hardware vendors (IHVs), and system integrators (SIs) to accelerate smart upgrades of education industry.

Application Scenarios


Classroom Smart Lighting

The traditional classroom lighting only serves to compensate reduced natural light. The IFREEQ smart lighting solutions adjust brightness according to the ambient light and room traffic, and also support scenario automation.



Environment Monitor

Monitor real-time environmental data such as room temperature, humidity, and air quality. Sync the data with the central control platform and activate devices such as AC to ensure a comfortable environment.



Sustainable Campus

Remotely monitor and control electrical devices, and customize the working period to avoid devices idling. The energy consumption data are visualized and analyzed to build an energy-efficient campus.



Electric Safety

The smart sockets automatically cut off power and send out warnings of circuit overload. The integrated prevention mechanism guarantees electrical safety in dormitories and averts fire hazards.


Electrical Appliance Monitoring

Once the system detects the power consumption exceeds the set value, the power supply will be disconnected immediately.

Electrical Shock Protection

If leakage or electric shock is detected, the air switch will be triggered immediately to cut off power in milliseconds.

Warning Prompt

When abnormal electricity usage is detected, warning prompts are sent through text messages and app notifications.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Once the smoke sensor detects abnormal smoke conditions, relevant personnel will be immediately notified.


Smart Access Control

Smart access control systems coupled with facial recognition allow administrators to grant access, export access records, monitor access control system status and send out alerts in real-time.


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