AI + IP Camera Solution

AI + IP Camera Solution

Visual intelligence lets you see a vision world you have never seen before.

Our leading end-to-end full-link audio and video solutions are dedicated to serving visual intelligence products with the one-stop end, edge, and cloud combined approaches. Encompass smart hardware devices, such as smart cameras, smart access controls, video intercom systems, smart peepholes, edge storage gateways, and edge computing gateways. Offer multi-scenario apps and web clients as well as cloud storage and value-added services. Provide full-link one-stop solutions from audio and video perception, edge and storage analysis, secure transmission to scenario applications. Through linkage between audio and video perception, recognition, security sensors and videos, coupled with central management, implement a brand-new vision world where you can see more clearly, hear farther, and find things that you have never caught before.


Video Doorbell

Protection start from your front door.

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Outdoor Camera

Smart IP Camera SolutionSmart IP Camera Solution
Withstands sun, rain, day or night.

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Indoor Camera

Secure your safety and provide a new way to record your lifetime memory.

Smart IP Camera Solution

Motion Detection

Real-time motion detection, push notification if any abnormal event occurs. Every change will be recorded.
Smart IP Camera Solution

Privacy Mode

Support privacy mode, turn off audio and video transmission with one click to protect your privacy.

Smart IP Camera Solution

Cloud Storage

All data is recorded on cloud that will not be affected by device failure.
Smart IP Camera Solution

Pet Recognization

Identify your cats or dogs, record every single moment of your pets with you.

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IPC Camera

Not only cameras, but also advanced audio and video service provider.