Bluetooth Solution

Bluetooth Solution

Easy and efficient communication technology enables fast interconnection.

Bluetooth Mesh Solution

Bluetooth mesh is a low energy Bluetooth network launched by Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) for machine-to-machine (M2M) communication. As a low energy Bluetooth communication approach, it applies to smart hardware, smart home, smart building, smart industry, and smart city with irreplaceable efficiency and convenience.

Bluetooth Low Energy Solution

Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) is a wireless personal area network designed by Bluetooth SIG, aimed at applications in the healthcare, fitness, beacons, security, and home entertainment industries. Compared to Classic Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE is intended to provide reduced power consumption and cost while maintaining a similar communication range.


Low Power Consumption

Low Power Consumption

Ultra-low power consumption at the micro-ampere level.

Stable and Relibale

Frequency hopping and anti-interference.


Bluetooth SIG Member

Normative technology application and product safety compliance.

Powerful Connection Capacity

M2M ad hoc mesh network allows a significant increase of connected devices.

Dual Powerful CPUs

Dual-link Control

Functional with dual-link gateway and local control.
Broad Capacity

Broad signal Coverage

Optimize large-scale device network.

Solution Architecture

IFREEQ's one-stop Bluetooth solutions integrate Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth mesh, gateway, IFREEQ IoT OS devices, and software and hardware capabilities.

Application Scenarios

Bluetooth Solution (8)

Personal Health

Couple Bluetooth LE low-power devices to the open health platform, providing customized health services.
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Security and Sensors

Featuring unique dual-link gateway and local control, it provides safe and reliable solutions for security sensor systems.

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Commercial Lighting

Bluetooth mesh lighting products meet home illumination requirements, which can be easily paired. Individual device failure does not affect overall communication and usage. With low power consumption and excellent device carrying capability, Bluetooth LE lighting solutions are ideal for smart building, smart community, smart industry, and smart city applications.

Anti-lost Locator

Low power consumption enables long endurance for bidirectional search and auto-alarm. Supports integration with map systems including Google, Apple, Amap, and Baidu to locate missing items.