Smart Apartment


Overview of the industry

The urbanization process has promoted the rapid development of the apartment rental market in first-tier cities, and about 70% of large and medium-sized "new citizens" choose to solve housing problems through leases. The demand for living is strong, and there are good investment opportunities on the supply side. The apartment leasing industry has ushered in a "window period". With the housing boom and the large floating population scale, the apartment leasing market is an inevitable export to ease living.

The rapid development of the industry has also generated a number of feature requirements. In order to better manage and operate the apartment, improve the brand's premium capabilities, and increase smart devices to become the focus of each apartment rental brand.

IFREEQ is an enterprise-adjusted AIoT platform company with strong AI and IoT technology capabilities. Through its original service model, it empowers manufacturing brands in eight major fields, including security sensing, electrician lighting, and small and large home appliances, to help it realize product intelligence.

Therefore, IFREEQ integrates industry resources, cuts from "two meters and one lock", and relies on more than 30,000 smart devices to provide one-stop smart solutions for the apartment rental industry, helping the industry to transform and develop better.


Three key characteristics for smart apartment

In short, smart apartments integrate smart amenities, community management, and building automation systems into one connected building system. This is not only possible with new construction; older buildings can also be retrofitted with smart apartment connectivity.

Industry customer classification

Centralized long-term lease

Through acquisition, chartering. Cooperating with developers, independent development and other ways to obtain the entire property, it is easy to produce scale effects, lower management costs in the later stage, higher standardization of apartments, more public space. Market positioning mid-to-high end.

Decentralized long lease

By signing a long-term charter contract with the landlord, the large scale requires strong management system support, high labor costs, large differences in location and form of the house, low degree of standardization of the apartment, generally no public space, low market positioning end.

Hotel-style short-term rental

Through the network platform established by the service provider for transaction operations, the scattered and small amount of listings makes it difficult to achieve intensive management, and the management cost is quite high. Compared with traditional hotels, the price has a great advantage.

Welfare Public Rent

The government plans to bid for the house. After the project is completed, there will be a special apartment operator to take over the operation. The control of the occupants is extremely high, and the standardization of the apartment is high. With policy support, the benefits are obvious, and the price is very advantageous.


Program highlights overview

Reduce costs and improve efficiency

Realize online appointment for house viewing, check-in, and rent-out; online utility meter billing, reduce manpower operation costs, and improve management efficiency

Strategize, control everything

The check-in authority is fully matched with the lease, the rent collection is controllable, the account period is shortened, and the capital flow is improved; all equipment can be controlled remotely

Energy saving and emission reduction

Turn off high-power appliances when there is no one in the room; no need to replace the lock core after rent-out, reducing expenses; equipment data on the cloud, and energy consumption management online

Attentive service, highlighting high-end

Tenants often lose keys, operators do not need to come to the door to deal with them urgently, and the tenant experience is improved; the quality of high-end apartments is improved through the whole house intelligence

Troubleshoot risks before they occur

Temporary opening authority such as cleaning, home repair, etc. is completely controllable and traceable; investigation on abnormal living risks of long-term renters who live alone

Stable system and reliable platform

IFREEQ is the construction experience of a very large intelligent device management platform; ensuring the stability and continuity of apartment operation


Structure diagram

Smart Apartment
IFREEQ Smart provides overall solutions including smart door locks, water meters, smart home systems and hardware "devices on the cloud". Solutions include device access, IoT basic services, business mid-stage, SaaS and application systems, after-sales and maintenance services, Respond to industry users' low-cost, high-efficiency product requirements, and at the same time meet the business needs of large customers with unified management principles, data visualization, energy saving and income increase.

Scenario Description

Door locks are the basic products of apartments, which involve a lot of services. For example, the agent takes the client to view the house, helps the tenant unlock the door remotely, replaces the lock core after the lease is canceled, and temporarily authorizes the door to open during construction. Smart door locks solve this type of problem. problem.

Self check-in experience

The tenant can complete the check-in independently, and the check-in permission exactly matches the lease, and the lease expiry authorization is invalid

Temporary authorization to open the door

Make an appointment for house inspection, clean the door, temporary password to open the door is controllable, and the record is visible

Smart remote door opening

Tenants move in/lost keys, apartment operators can open doors remotely through the back office to improve service quality and save manpower and resources

Password synchronization in real time

Tenants can modify the door lock password by themselves, and sync in real time in the cloud


Collecting water and electricity bills every month is a big problem. There are a large number of apartments. Each meter reading will cost a lot of time and energy. Smart water meters can better help apartment operators solve these problems.

Most short-term rental apartments are not equipped with "plug-in power", and unlike long-term rental apartments, tenants are responsible for electricity costs, so there is a clear need for energy consumption control. By sensing + universal remote control solution, the apartment Scenarios such as turning off air conditioning when no one is available, helping apartment operators effectively save energy.

No one in the room, switch off the appliances

Turn off high-power appliances, such as air conditioners and heaters, by judging whether someone is in the apartment

Scene linkage, turn on the appliances

If the tenant will come to the apartment, they can start the linkage scene through the door sensor, human sensor and other equipment to automatically turn on the electrical appliances


The washing machine drain pipe is blocked, the toilet floor drain is blocked, the pool drain pipe is blocked, etc. are more common. The apartment is equipped with a flood sensor, which can be dealt with before the problem occurs to avoid expanding losses.

Flood monitoring in key areas

By monitoring the surface flooding in areas near the drainage pipes, the risk of flooding is eliminated

Automatic alert, timely processing

In case of water intrusion, notify the tenants and the property as soon as possible, and go to the door to deal with it promptly.


Smart apartments aren't just the future; they are here right now. Residents already prefer smart home amenities over traditional appeals like pools and spas. Smart HVACs and appliances already save property owners around the world millions of dollars a year. Platforms like IFREEQ already tie these elements together for multifamily buildings, creating truly connected smart apartments.

We face serious challenges ahead, from affordable housing shortages to climate change. Smart apartments can help us put a dent in both. It's more than having a voice assistant in your kitchen. Smart apartments represent a fundamental shift in how we live.