1 Smart Home

Smart Home

Panel serves a control hub to achieve device interconnection.
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2 Hotel

Smart Hotel

Empower brands and hotels to build their own smart hotel brand in a short time and with the least cost.
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2 2 Smart Apartment

Smart Apartment

Optimize your property's efficiency,increase operating income, tenant attraction and satisfaction
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3 Estate

Smart Real Estate

Cater for the real estate smart upgrades to create new business values.
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4 Industry

Smart Industry

Enable small and medium-sized manufacturers to connect to the cloud.
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5 Agriculture

Smart Agriculture

Implement precision agriculture for healthy and rapid development.
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6 Education

Smart Education

Propel smart transition of campus scenarios through IoT.
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7 Healthcare

Smart Healthcare

Propel smart healthcare by AI+IoT to boost management efficiency.
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8 Energy

Smart Energy

Effciently enable smart energy solution across multiple scenarios.
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9 Elder Care

Smart Elderly Care

Provide care with IoT and ensure health with science and technology.
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10 Retail

Smart Retail

IFREEQ helps retailers work smarter in efficient services and higher revenue.
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