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Smart Real Estate Solution

Assisting real estate groups and partners to build strategic digital middle platforms.

Favorable policies and capital are provided for building new infrastructure and smart cities. The market also requires transformation because the size of the market is limited and precision marketing is required for existing customers. Multiple technologies, such as 5G, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI) are applied on a large scale. Promoted by policies, capital, market demands, and technologies, the real estate industry has carried out a leap-forward upgrade in digitalization.

Facing the real estate industry, IFREEQ helps real estate groups break through the boundary of indoor and outdoor hardware with its rich product ecology, meeting the digital needs of integrated rental and sales projects from new construction to old renovation, one-stop recreation projects, and diversified commercial complex projects. It supports indoor equipment delivery pre-installation, optional post-installation, and interoperability of public area and indoor equipment linkage. Constructing strategic digital midstage for real estate groups to realize intelligent full-stack management model upgrade from project independent management to group unified management.





IFREEQ underlying AI+IoT technical architecture has established IFREEQ's ecosystem capabilities. The average processing time in the cloud does not exceed 10 ms, and its stability, security, and scalability have been fully proved. The open architecture and systems address the needs for smart upgrades in the real estate industry, and support independent software vendor (ISV) to quickly formulate solutions at low costs, and serve real estate companies, system integrators (SI), ISV, and more.


Meet Diverse Digital Requirements

IFREEQ smart community and smart real estate solutions meet the diverse digital requirements of real estate projects such as new flats, old community transformation, office buildings, and smart home. Based on the diversified 'Powered by IFREEQ' device ecosystem, the solutions address needs for interconnection and implement the cost-effectiveness of projects.

Promote Full-Stack Development from Projects to Strategies

IFREEQ smart real estate solutions help real estate groups build strategic digital central control to realize full-stack services from smart projects to smart internal management.

Various Products and Applications

IFREEQ and ecosystem partners support real estate enterprises in developing smart products and smart scenarios. Various 'Powered by IFREEQ' devices, such as in-wall control panels, home security systems, and home care products, can be controlled by mainstream smart speakers worldwide. Pre- and post-installed indoor and outdoor devices enable the linkage of more than 100 scenes.

One-stop Total Solution

Provide rich and open APIs, and combine internal and external capabilities of the real estate industry. Enterprises can form an integrated system, create one-stop technical services from the devices connection layer to the service layer, and empower the project implementation.

Full-stack IoT Capabilities

We offer cutting-edge IoT technologies with an open and reliable ecosystem including cloud platforms, network modules, gateways, and OEM apps. Support fast, efficient, open, and flexible integration and linkage of designated real estate devices.

Industry Ecosystem Supported

One-stop services and integration capabilities are the keys to implement products practically and reliably. IFREEQ and ecosystem partners support real estate enterprises in achieving smart products and scenarios by providing competitive smart home and smart community products.

Application Scenarios


Smart Community

IFREEQ provides the all-in-one operational platform integrating lighting, energy, and maintenance management to construct a fully digitalized residential community, help real-estate developers establish a smart community.


Indoor and Outdoor Linkage

Enabled by the IoT Platform, smart devices are interconnected seamlessly. With the preset smart scenarios, residents are welcomed by a temperature-adjusted home.

Panoramic Video Surveillance

Security cameras monitor every corner of the community in real-time and send immediate warning messages once an anomaly is detected.

Interact with Nearby Stores

Provide residents with optimal shopping experiences in community stores utilizing the integrated ID information of access control systems.

Smart Property Management

Whether at home or away, communicate with the property management service anytime through the platform, and enjoy considerate services.


Smart Building

IFREEQ perfectly combines operations and information technology, enabling construction to be easily monitored and controlled. Boost fast decision making in the smart hardware and digital operations systems.


General Process Control

Start tracking the project from site selection, helping partners monitor the whole process and record every detail.

Simultaneous Collaboration

The remote collaborative work platform allows users to fully grasp project status and track the progress anytime, anywhere.

Safety Supervision

Continuously monitor construction site safety, record the process, correct the problems timely, and track and review problems.

Cloud Data Report

Extract project data to generate a report. Clearly indicate trends and changes, helping the next decision-making process.


Smart Business Complex

IFREEQ provides the all-in-one operational platform integrating lighting, energy, maintenance management, and smart store solutions to construct fully digitalized business complex, help real-estate developers and business owners reduce operational cost and increase profit margin.


Physical World Digitalized

Digitize buildings' thing data models to stimulate the virtual living environment and continuously iterate and optimize the user experience.

Extensive Integrated Services

Establish one-stop service systems for complexes by connecting the business, property management, traffic, and security services.

Data-oriented Operations

Empowered by AI+IoT platform, capture different levels of IoT data, tap potential value, and create a sustainable business model.

Green Living Environment

Apply ecological concepts to the living environment and maximize resource utilization with minimum waste to improve life quality.


Strategic Digital Central Control

IFREEQ's proprietary AI+IoT solutions provide real estate companies a development platform with a full-stack IoT capability covering smart hardware and industrial applications, offering efficient IoT solutions.


Data Visualization

From the single house, residential communities, to commercial complexes, critical business data is captured and displayed for analysis.

Efficient System

All-in-one systems manage the office, business, customer, and project in its territory to improve process management efficiency.

Smart Device Management

Provide device management for business complexes, communities, and homes. Integrate all devices with extensive precision management.

Private Cloud Deployment

The hybrid deployment of public cloud, private cloud, and edge cloud can address data security demands of different levels.

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