Zigbee Solution

Zigbee Solution

Low power local area network (LPLAN) communication builds an efficient and reliable smart home system.

Zigbee Solution

Zigbee 3.0 based solutions apply to devices across all categories, providing stable and safe LAN communication for complex smart scenarios such as smart home, hotel, apartment, real estate, home decoration, and smart office.



Communication Range

Stable communication at an open field within 160 meters.
Broad Capacity

Connection Capacity

Stable connection of over 100 devices across all categories.

Remote Control

Remote Control

Connectable through the gateway.

Stability Performance

Immune to single point failure and applicable to local operation.


Power Consumption

Ultra-low power consumption at the microampere level.

Safety Performance

Highly secure and AES-128 encryption viable based on Zigbee 3.0 standard protocol.

Solution Architecture

Outstanding Zigbee gateway products and various Zigbee solutions across all categories help you quickly build a comprehensive Zigbee smart business.

Application Scenarios

Zigbee Appliance (1)

Smart Hotel

With low power consumption and high security, provide scenario-based services for hotel, long-term rental apartment, public rental housing, real-name community rental, short-term rental, and smart urban rental.
Zigbee Appliance (2)

Smart Home

Various Zigbee devices plus a gateway support remote control in both indoor and outdoor scenarios. Zigbee 3.0 standard protocol is compatible with multiple platforms, enriching user experience substantially.

Zigbee Appliance (3)

Smart Construction

Featuring large network capacity, high security, and superior stability, build a holistic monitoring system with various Zigbee sensors covering CO, formaldehyde, and flooding, to guarantee owners' safety based on maximum privacy protection.
Zigbee Appliance (4)

Smart Lock

Tuya is committed to providing safe, reliable, and easy-to-use smart locks, helping owners guard every entrance and scenario, and leading to a smart space.