NB-IoT Solution

NB-IoT Solution

Narrow band Internet of Things (NB-IoT), is a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) radio technology standard.

NB-IoT enables wider wireless communication and applies to all walks of life outdoor.

NB-IoT focuses on the low-power wide-area (LPWA) IoT market, which is an emerging technology and widely applicable around the world. Adopting licensed band, NB-IoT can coexist with the existing network in three deployment modes, including in-band, protection band or independent carrier wave.


Low Power Consumption

Low Power Consumption

NB-IoT focuses on small-data and low-rate devices which demand a very low power consumption, thus enabling a significant endurance increment from months to years.

Low Cost

Low rate, low power consumption, and narrow band also keep NB-IoT chip and module cost-effective, the cost of which is almost equivalent to 2G module.


Powerful Connection Capacity

With the same base station, NB-IoT can provide 50-100 times the number of connected devices that existing wireless technologies do. One sector can support 100,000 connections.

Wide Coverage

With a strong indoor coverage capacity, NB-IoT provides an increment of 20 dB gain higher than that of LTE, which is equivalent to a 100-fold increase in coverage capacity.

Solution Architecture

By integrating devices, carriers, background, and SaaS software and hardware capabilities, IFREEQ provides developers with one-stop 4G LTE solutions.