Electric 940×576


Multi-scenario solutions cover control of power, lighting, energy, and more.
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2 Lighting


Industry-leading solutions for residential, commercial, and professional lighting.
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3 Sensor


Control smart products in a smarter way to achieve an easier and safer life.
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10 Camera


Smart solutions for security cameras across OS, protocols, and categories.
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11 Smart Lock

Smart Lock

Global platform and massive solutions cover home, apartment, hotel, and more.
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12 Gateway


A highly secure and reliable smart control hub across protocols and categories.
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4 Major Appliance

Major Appliance

Build scenario-specific smart solutions for major appliances.
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5 Smart Small Appliance

Small Appliance

Smart home appliances let comfort and ease penetrate every corner of a house.
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6 Kitchen Appliance

Kitchen Appliance

Cloud recipe platform and linkage with professional cooking devices offer a gourmet feast.
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9 Cleaning Robot

Cleaning Robot

Fully-featured solutions for inertial navigation, laser, and vision robots.
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7 Pet Tech


All kinds of smart pet products make pet care scientifically and easily.
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8 Health


Diverse products and open cloud platform deliver professional health services.
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13 Energy Saving


Build multi-category energy PaaS solutions to create an efficient and green life.
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14 Digital Entertainment


With Tuya open platform, make digital products the center of a smart home.
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15 Outdoor


Diverse network modules and powerful cloud services enable IoT-compatible outdoor devices.
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