Smart Elderly Care

Smart Elderly Care Solution

Provide care with IoT and ensure health with science and technology.

The 1+2+7 trend, namely, 10% institutional care, 20% community care and 70% home care, is the current situation of China's elderly care industry. Different scenarios have different needs for elderly care solutions, whose core still revolves around the home safety of the elderly, life care, abnormal monitoring and timely treatment. Focusing on medical treatment, health, security, and life enhancement, IFREEQ smart elderly care solutions employ AI+IoT (AIoT) technologies to provide comprehensive elderly care systems based on an IoT platform and a health data center.

Based on the AI + IoT Platform, IFREEQ implements the health monitoring and caregiving solution for the elderly without consciousness disorders in different scenarios such as care institutions and homes. Monitoring and early warning of health risks can greatly reduce the impact of sudden illnesses on the elderly's life. The smart monitoring system is also the first choice for elderly care institutions.



The infrastructure capabilities of IFREEQ AI+IoT platform establishes the IFREEQ ecosystem allowing to integrate with health monitoring products. Make health information organized and digitalized through systematic health data collection, and assist in more efficient health consultation for the elderly.


Address the Diversified Needs for Smart Elderly Care

IFREEQ provides products and solutions for home-based elderly care, community-based elderly care, and high-end institutional elderly care to address the diversified needs for smart elderly care.

Deliver Fine Smart Elderly Care Experience

IFREEQ, based on the AIoT platform and diverse hardware ecosystem, provides integrated hardware and software for elderly care services such as security, medical, health, and living services.

Build an Economic Ecosystem for the Elderly

IFREEQ can rapidly build an economic ecosystem of value-added services with its smart elderly care platform and third-party service matrix.

Empower Elderly Care Industry

Apply smart elderly care solution to health care facilities, and empower brand owners to implement a full set of fundamental hardware, software, and service logic. Achieve market-oriented operations of the platform.

One-stop Empowerment

IFREEQ provides massive open APIs to help to implement fundamental IoT capabilities and to integrate internal and external sources, such as existing solution provider, of the elderly care industry. Provide one-stop solutions from the infrastructure layer to the service layer, and efficiently empower the industry.

Full-stack Infrastructure

We offer cutting-edge IoT technologies with an open and stable ecosystem involving cloud platforms, network modules, gateways, and OEM apps. Support fast, efficient, open, and flexible connection and linkage of designated elderly care devices.

Application Scenarios


Home-based Elderly Care

Backed up with great capabilities of the smart hardware ecosystem and smart elderly care PaaS platform, IFREEQ offers holistic AI+IoT solutions for partners to quickly build a home-based elderly care service system.


Motion Detection

Through data collection of vital signs and behaviors of the elder around the house, the family members are immediately notified of any anomalies. Long-term data tracking is performed on vital signs, and the health trend reports are provided to help both the elderly and their children learn about health conditions.

Smart Care

On IFREEQ's smart home platform, a variety of ideal solutions are ready for you to manage home-based elderly care easily and efficiently, covering smart switch, temperature and humidity control, and voice call.

Smart Pharmacy

Through IFREEQ's AI platform capabilities and smart hardware ecosystem, partners can quickly customize various smart medicine cabinets, pill dispenser, and beyond, providing a simple and flexible experience for the elderly at home.


Community-based Elderly Care

IFREEQ provides smart AI+IoT healthcare solutions for community-based elderly care facilities and nursing services. Thanks to the powerful hardware ecosystem and cloud SaaS system, connection to social insurance and medical institutions will greatly improve health management and service quality.


Remote Monitoring and Diagnosis

Patients with chronic conditions, such as diabetes and asthma, can get home medical devices and wearables for condition monitoring and increase insight into their treatment. Integrated healthcare systems enable community care to track patients more closely and provide them with better care in the long run.

Smart Cold Chain and Pharmacy

IFREEQ's SaaS and API solutions empower healthcare service providers and healthcare facilities to address concerns about cold chain management in terms of medical supplies, medical devices, storage management, and smart medication vending machines.

Smart Nursing

Integrate smart devices like wearables, call bells, and CVD detectors into the local management system, get real-time physiological data of the elderly, set up geofencing, and deliver precision services.


Premier Elderly Care

IFREEQ's AI+IoT healthcare solutions aim to help our partners, including elderly care facilities and medical service platforms, to bring elderly care into the IoT age. Our full-stack services from hardware ecosystems to industry applications enable you to improve care quality and efficiency.


Smart Nursing

Integrate mobile and bedside terminals like wearables, call bells, and tablets into the cloud-based management system, get real-time physiological data of the elderly, and deliver precision services of electronic health records and smart calls.

Remote Diagnosis and Treatment

Led by remote ECG and imaging diagnosis, connect to hospitals for remote consultation and pathological diagnosis and thus provide better monitoring, first aid, and health management.

Mobile Ward Rounds

IFREEQ supports mobile smart nursing carts that can be connected to information systems, and dozens of non-invasive devices to conveniently measure blood pressure, blood oxygen, ear temperature, blood sugar, and more. Medical staff can scan codes to match data at any time, and automatically update health reports.

Smart Environment Monitoring

A catalog of sensors and security devices, involving lighting, utilities, temperature, humidity, and smoke sensing, serve a wonderful elderly care environment and create an excellent living experience.

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