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What Is A Smart Home

Smart technology is making our daily lives more comfortable, convenient, and safer, every day. As more and more products are developed with smart technology built in, the features you can automate in your home is growing. But what is a smart home?

A smart home is one that uses technology to automate and control home systems. The key to home automation is the ability to remotely control your connected home from your phone, computer, and more recently virtual assistants. A smart home is more than just programming lights or the coffee maker to turn off and on at certain times, but a fully integrated system you can seamlessly monitor and control everything. Additionally, one of the core aspects of smart home technology is the continued machine learning of your patterns by analyzing the information from your connected devices.

In a smart home, everything from large appliances to vacuums to home security systems can be connected to the internet, each other, and be controlled remotely. Your home can be as "smart" as you'd like, from having a few connected devices to a fully automated house. The core driver of smart home solutions is convenience. In addition, smart home technology can help improve energy efficiency, comfort, and home security.


How Does a Smart Home Work

Home automation works through a concept known as "the Internet of Things" or IoT. In your home, internet-enabled devices are all connected to a central network, your Wi-Fi network. Each of these items will be assigned a unique IP address, giving you the ability to access, monitor, and control the objects or features remotely.


How to Make Your Home Smart

At the core of the smart home is a central platform or hub to which the various intelligent devices are connected. In the past, creating a smart home hub required a substantial monetary and technological investment. However, today advances in machine learning, virtual assistants, and the products they integrate with are making smart home technology accessible to everyone. The easiest and most cost-effective way to create a smart home is first to choose the virtual assistant ecosystem which will function as your home's central hub. Keep in mind that your smart home relies on the Wi-Fi connection, so you need to make sure to have high-speed internet.

Smart homes are highly customizable, giving users the freedom to choose what features and devices within the home to connected to a central hub. You can also add or remove connected devices at any time. Home automation is more than just convenience, learn about the other benefits of smart homes.


Foolproof Home Security

With a smart home surveillance, you can leave your house without any fear of theft or damage. Smart home security allows you to monitor your house in real-time. Moreover, it has a set of sensors that detect suspicious activities and alerts the owner.

It has door & window sensors, motion detectors, and video cameras that are work continuously to crack down break-ins.

  • Real-time house tracking
  • Prevent intruders
  • Manage all house appliances securely


Smart Lighting System

Smart lighting is an important component of our IoT Home Automation Solution. With smart lighting, you can set all your lighting's conditions and hue as per your wish. Moreover, it also adjusts automatically as per the natural light conditions.

Create a perfect ambience in your room with just a single tap on your smartwatch. You can also turn off the lights as you leave the room.

  • Automate your lighting
  • Adjust lighting conditions
  • Try different lighting colors


Control Temperature

With the smart home solutions, you can also set up the optimum temperature of your room with utmost convenience. Many smart home systems have the feature which allows you to make changes in the thermostat with the just voice commands.

Whereas in many other home automation systems you can manage the thermostat with just a tap on your smartwatch.

  • Optimal comfort
  • Advanced sensing
  • Algorithm learning your preferences


Redefine Entertainment

Redefine entertainment with home automation technology. Control your music systems, television channels to play your preferred playlist or TV show with just a simple command on your smartphone. The audio-visual systems powered by IoT technology deliver a sound quality of top-notch level.

Install smart speakers to broadcast sound in all the corners of your house.

  • Smart speakers
  • Multi-room video
  • Smart TV


Prevent Disasters

Many at times it happens that there's a leakage or an electrical issue, but we get to know about it only when the situation had gotten worse. In such a situation, smart home solutions come to the rescue as it “self-monitors” themselves and notifies the owners whenever necessary.

Detect appliance failure, electrical issues, and plumbing leaks with smart home automation solutions.

  • Avoid fatal accidents
  • Determine electrical issues
  • Prevent plumbing leakages


Advantages of Our IoT Home Automation Solutions

Smart Home

Quick installation

Quick and quality service are some of our key virtues. Our experts can fix switch modules behind any switchboard in just a matter of 10 minutes.

Smart Home

High security standards

When it comes to the security of our IoT home automation systems, we ensure to maintain high standards without compromising on convenience.

Smart Home

Cross-application control

Years of experience as a leading Smart Home Solution Company and our deep expertise ensures an exemplary user experience.

Smart Home

Lowest energy consumption

Our innovative IoT Home Automation Solutions enable the users to save their energy consumption at a market-leading levels.

Smart Home

Effective energy tracking

Our switches in the IoT smart home automation software tracks all the energy consumption in real-time which is used for analysis.

Smart Home

Customize your appliances

It's possible to get your hands over our smart home appliances. You can set priorities, limits, and segregate the appliances at your preferences.


Smart devices for your home


Smart Home Applications

Household Security

Smart Home
Video monitoring and remote warning

You can arm your home before going out or going to bed. It alarms locally and send the information to your mobile phone APP if someone breaks in or opens the door and window. Then you can watch the video captured by the camera to help apprehend the thief.

Devices: Camera + Door/Window Sensor

Warning When Doors and Windows Are Left Open

Smart Home
Inform whether the door and window is left open any time

Do you occasionally forget to close the door and window before going to bed at night? This can be solved with IFREEQ door and window sensor that automatically reminds you to close them.

Devices: Hub(Required For Zigbee Devices) + Door/Window Sensor

Fire Prevention

Smart Home
Fire prevention alarms

Once the smoke density in the air becomes too high, the smoke detector is immediately triggered and alarm both locally and remotely. The app on your mobile device will push a notification no matter where you are, it allows you to be promptly notified of the emergency and handle the incidents before it develops.

Devices: Hub(Required For Zigbee Devices) + Smoke Detector

Gas Leakage Prevention

Smart Home
Gas Leakage Prevention The gas leakage detector guards the safety of your kitchen

Natural gas is a silent killer. According to authoritative data, there are 2.5 natural gas explosions every day. After the kitchen is connected to the natural gas detector, once the concentration of natural gas in the air reaches 4% of the explosion threshold, a high-decibel alarm will be triggered. The alert will also be issued via the phone app. Our IFREEQ Wall Switch can also be linked to automatically engage the air vents to vent out the gas, preventing disasters from happening.

Devices: Hub(Required For Zigbee Devices) + Gas Detector + Wall Switch

Water Leakage Monitoring

Smart Home
Monitor water leakage and alarm real time

Are you concerned that the water pipe might crack and damage the floor when you are on vacation? Water leak is one of the most expensive problems homeowners encounter. This problem will be solved when you install an IFREEQ water leakage sensor on the floor. It will give out a warning once detecting the water leakage, minimizing your property damage.

Devices: Hub(Required For Zigbee Devices) + Water Leak Sensor

Elderly Care

Smart Home
Abnormal activity alert. Emergency call at the touch of a button

When no signs of elderly activity have been detected over a period of time, the hub will automatically issue the alert in caring for their safety. If the elderly are experiencing physical discomfort, an emergency call can be placed via a IFREEQ Wireless Mini Switch at the touch of a button.

Devices: Hub(Required For Zigbee Devices) + Vibration Sensor + Motion Sensor + Wireless Mini Switch

Door Opening Triggers Lamp To Turn On

Smart Home
Automatically turn on/off the lamp for your convenience

The lamp in the living room will automatically turns on to welcome you once you arrive at home and open the door.

Devices: Hub(Required For Zigbee Devices) + Wall Switch + Door and Window Sensor

Easily-installed 3-Way Light Switch

Smart Home
Turn on/off the switch anywhere, any time for your convenience

Did your builder forget to install switches on both ends of a long hallway, or are the switches located inconveniently? Your traditional switch can be directly replaced with our IFREEQ light switch. Without additional cost or invasive new wiring, you can easily replace a IFREEQ light switch and bind it with a battery powered IFREEQ wireless switch, conveniently and quickly controlling lighting from exactly where you want.

Devices: Hub(Required For Zigbee Devices) + Wall Switch + Wireless Switch

Automatic Air Conditioning

Smart Home
The air conditioner is automatically turned on/off in response to human presence

When somebody is at home and the temperature is too high, the air conditioner will be automatically switched on; and off,if the home is empty. There is no need to worry about forgetting to turn off the air conditioner any more.

Devices: Air Conditioner Controller + Temperature and Humidity Sensor + Door/Window Sensor + Motion Sensor

Intelligent Curtain Control

Smart Home
Easily open/close curtain

With a wireless curtain controller, you can open/close the curtain in your bedroom while staying in bed after affixing the IFREEQ wireless switch at an accessible position.

Devices: Hub(Required For Zigbee Devices) + Curtain Controller + Wireless Switch

Voice Based Lamp Control

Smart Home
Vocally control household appliances

Interoperable with Amazon's Echo, you can control lamps using voice control: "Alexa, turn on the bedroom lamps;" Alexa replies: "OK, bedroom lamps are on."

Devices: Hub(Required For Zigbee Devices) + Light Switch + Echo