Smart Industry

Smart Industry Solution

Enable small and medium-sized manufacturers to reduce cost and improve efficiency.

As China's economy reaches the Lewis turning point, the demographic dividend disappears, and the price of machines falls rapidly. New technologies, such as AI, have achieved initial success, and the talent dividend appears. Talent Dividend + Smart Manufacturing is the best solution for enterprises to cope with the increasing demand and uncertainty in the future.

IFREEQ provides smart industry solutions that are based on the IFREEQ IoT Platform, AI technologies, big data, PaaS cloud platforms, and software and hardware ecosystem. The solutions provide the device connection, monitoring, data storage, analysis, and visualization in the production process. These features enable the smart collaboration of massive industrial devices and smart control and O&M of the manufacturing process.

Pain Points

Increased Cost

Demographic dividend decreases and labor cost increases year by year.

Various Demands

The various demands, quick changes of the international environment, and increasing uncertainties in industries make product-centric manufacturing in urgent need of transformation.

High Complexity

With the increasing complexity of product design, development, and manufacturing, traditional solutions, means, and structures are unable to deal with the complexity.

Difficulties in Corporate Collaboration

The connection between enterprises and the same industry is getting closer and closer, gradually forming a corporate community to deal with market competition together. The cooperative interaction between enterprises urgently needs to improve efficiency through the means of information technology.




The IFREEQ Smart Industry IoT Platform provides small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises with integrated internet industry solutions focusing on production technology, production process management, operation and maintenance of devices, and more. The IFREEQ IoT marketing channel enables global product sales with a comprehensive, end-to-end ecosystem for R&D, production, and sales.


Smart Product Empowerment

IFREEQ smart industry solutions help enterprises realize the smart upgrade of traditional products, remote O&M, environmental monitoring, online upgrades, online diagnosis, and predictive maintenance. The solutions develop a new competition pattern and expand the blue ocean market.

Edge-Cloud Synergy

Based on advanced overall networking architectures, such as the IFREEQ IoT Platform, big data platform, and edge computing platform, IFREEQ smart industry solutions can achieve flexible deployment for various scenarios in different industrial industries and reduce the capital expenditures (CAPEX) of enterprises.

Big Data + AI

Based on the multi-dimensional analysis of heterogeneous data, accumulation of industrial-level models, and insight of deep logic, IFREEQ smart industry solutions enable enterprises to enhance the core competitiveness.

Open PaaS Capabilities for Industry

Independent software vendors (ISV) can quickly build business systems by using the open PaaS capabilities of IFREEQ. IFREEQ smart industry solutions lower the technical threshold for enterprises. The solutions enable everyone to deploy and adjust the features of industrial apps to meet production needs.

Application Scenarios


Smart Manufacturing

Bring manufacturing into the IoT age. Introduce process controls to track and trace production in real-time, and get visibility into factory floor. IFREEQ's smart industry IoT platform provides one-stop solutions to manufacturers seeking IoT-enabled production.



Energy Consumption Management

Energy consumption accounts for a large proportion of production costs. Smart lighting and utility meter reading significantly improve energy-saving strategies and enhance energy management.



Device Operation and Maintenace(O&M)

Equipment manufacturers, integrators, and O&M enterprises leverage AI+IoT solutions to integrate legacy devices into modern IoT architectures and make device O&M efficient and effective.



Smart Factory Security

Integrate IoT devices, locating technology, and environment monitoring into the security management system to keep staff, working environment, and expensive equipment well managed.


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