Smart Lighting Solution

Smart Lighting Solutions

Together with IFREEQ, make any smart lighting solutions you want.

IFREEQ provides one-stop smart lighting solutions, including smart lighting hardware solutions, all-in-one apps, home lighting apps, commercial lighting SaaS platforms, IoT Cloud Platform, and various value-added services. You can now make any smart lighting products and solutions, and build any lighting scenarios you want.


Living Room Scenario

Ocean Mode | Romantic Mode | Forest Mode
Create your own colorful lighting experience: let smart lighting bring you to any scene experience that beyond your imagination.

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Bedroom Scenario

Biorhythm Based Adjustment
Mimics natural light in real time, ensuring that you are always immersed in the most natural lighting experience.

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Outdoor Scenario

At sunset | Midnight | Sunrise
Full Automation Lighting Control: automatically change the level of light to ensure that you get the most necessary lighting experience when needed.

Business Scenario

One-button Group Control
Group any lighting nodes at your home, and simply control all the nodes with just one button for both brightness and color temperature.