Smart Lock Solution

Smart Lock Solution

IFREEQ's smart lock solutions guard your home and enhance your smart environment.

IFREEQ provides smart lock solutions for a catalog of security products such as household locks, commercial locks, and lock accessories to cater to different business scenarios. Our one-stop IoT development platform offers network modules, cloud services, and apps, aiming to help traditional lock manufacturers efficiently achieve smart upgrading at low costs. We support popular protocols including Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Bluetooth, and NB-IoT. The 'Powered by IFREEQ' ecosystem can help you easily interconnect smart locks with IFREEQ's commercial SaaS, such as IFREEQ Security, IFREEQ Apartment, IFREEQ Hotel, and IFREEQ Community.

Smart Lock Solution Matrix

Welcome Home

Enjoy Smart Life
Enjoy special welcome-home automations.

Temporary Access

Unlock for Visitors
Verify visitors identity and grant temporary access. Easily manage access for visitors in residential, social, and commercial scenarios.

Reliable Security

Lock F (5)Lock F (4)
Reliable Security
Provide full-link communication encryptionand real-time event alerts in case of unexpected access.

Encryption Setting

Secure Encryption

Full-link communication encryption and built-in clipper chip protect your home 24/7.
Alarm Bell

Live Alerts

Get text or phone call alerts, or trigger an alarm immediately if security is breached. For example, if locks have low battery, are tampered with or someone tries to break the lock.

Connected Ecosystem

Connected Ecosystem
Every smart lock connects infinite smart business possibilities.