Wi-Fi Solution

Wi-Fi Solution

Easy to use and fast connection.

Wi-Fi Solution

Wi-Fi is a family of wireless network protocols based on the IEEE 802.11 family of standards. Featuring high transmission speed, long range, and no wiring, Wi-Fi has become the most commonly used wireless communication technology providing easy-to-use and reliable smart scenes for smart homes, smart hotels, smart apartments, and smart offices.

Electrical Solution Matrix


High Speed and Long Range

The wireless standard IEEE 802.11 provides a maximum net data rate of 54 Mbit/s and a coverage area of about 328 feet.

Universal Pairing

Both EZ (SmartConfig) mode and AP (access point) mode are available.


Excellent Compatibility

Support Wi-Fi + BLE dual-mode and 2.4 GHz + 5 GHz dual-frequency.


Wi-Fi is easy-to-use, and no wiring is required.


Healthy and Safe

The transmitter power output is less than 100 mW, lower than that of the mobile phone, so the Wi-Fi network poses a lower risk to health and safety.
Fast Time

Fast Pairing

Provide device discovery, smartphone pop-ups, and add devices for pairing through the router. Pair other unpaired devices through the fast pairing feature.

Solution Architecture

IFREEQ provides one-stop Wi-Fi solutions to developers, including IFREEQ IoT OS devices, software, and hardware capabilities.

Application Scenarios

Wi Fi Solution (7)

Lighting System

Control your smart lighting system with sunrise and sunset modes for energy efficiency. Sync lights to music, translating favorite songs into light effects that fill the room. Use fall asleep and wake up modes and other settings to achieve a more intelligent lighting experience.
Wi Fi Solution (8)

Air Quality Improvement

Cloud timing, weekly program, filter life test update reminder, environmental quality test, air quality monitoring, and other linked functions contribute to a healthier and more comfortable environment.

Wi Fi Solution (10)

Video Surveillance

No wiring required, HD night vision, direct device connection for real-time motion detection, and cloud storage to keep data secure.
Wi Fi Solution (9)

Energy Management

In the app, monitor the power consumption of appliances in real-time, and set power parameter alerts to keep the home safe.