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Enable small and medium-sized manufacturers to reduce cost and improve efficiency.

Intensification refers to the integration of resources, through the centralized and rational use of modern management technology, and reasonable allocation, so as to achieve the effect of reducing costs and improving efficiency. Use the minimum cost to obtain the maximum benefit. With the acceleration of land circulation, there will be more and more large-scale land. Through precision irrigation, precision fertilization and other fine management, more agricultural products can be obtained from the same unit area of land.

Agricultural intelligence refers to the use of the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other existing technologies, through the collection of soil, climate, crop growth and pests and other data, analysis and mining data to achieve intelligent perception, intelligent management and intelligent harvesting and other functions, so as to achieve the intelligent development of agriculture.

IFREEQ provides AI+IoT (AIoT) solutions for smart agriculture. The solutions can collect and analyze field data in real time and deploy command mechanisms to improve operational efficiency, increase revenue, and reduce loss. IoT-based features such as adjustable speed, precision agriculture, smart irrigation, and smart greenhouse help promote the agricultural process. IFREEQ smart agriculture solutions help solve specific problems in agriculture, build IoT-based smart farms, and contribute to the production efficiency and quality of yields.

Pain Points

Mixed and Low Quality Data

At present, crop yield is closely related to crop growth data, meteorological data, soil moisture data, and pest and disease data, however, the quality of real-time data is generally not high right now.

Difficult and Long Data Collection Cycle

Agricultural data collection is a long-cycle process. Different crops have different growth cycles, one season a year or more than one season a year, and it takes years of data collection, analysis and processing to produce guidance value.

Diversed Data

The environment of arable land is obviously different and scattered, and the diversity of crops growing is rich, so data diversity is also important.

NPK Sensor Missing

Climate and weather data, air and soil temperature and humidity data are abundant, but soil organic matter content, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients are difficult to obtain. The corresponding sensors are missing, and the technology is not yet up to date.

Increased Cost

There are many problems in the farming industry, such as excessive use of antibiotics, serious drug residues in livestock and poultry products, and poor product quality. At the same time, the daily excretion of livestock and poultry causes local environmental pollution problems, and the mortality rate of livestock and poultry products is too high and the cost is greatly increased.



With the underlying technologies of IFREEQ's AI+IoT ecosystem, the agricultural data collected by smart wireless sensors are continuously pushing to the cloud and processed to implement precision agriculture.


Fast Integration

With the powerful integration capabilities of IFREEQ IoT OS, sensors can be easily and smoothly connected to the IFREEQ IoT platform at a low cost.

Edge Gateway

Easily connect agricultural devices with the edge computing gateway achieving local device management without interaction with cloud. By publishing data to the cloud through edge computing gateways, cellular network traffic costs and latency are drastically reduced.

One-stop Solution

Providing massive open APIs allows enterprises to combine internal and external resources of the agriculture industry and quickly construct integrated systems. Create one-stop technical services from the connection layer to the service layer, and empower the full cycle from product development to implementation.

Full-stack Infrastructure

We offer cutting-edge IoT infrastructure with an open ecosystem including cloud platforms, network modules, gateways, and All-in-One App or OEM App. Support fast, efficient, and flexible integration and linkage of designated agricultural devices.

Digital Monitoring

By using wireless sensors that support the Sub-1 GHz (LoRa) communication protocol, IFREEQ provides smart agriculture solutions for monitoring soil moisture, water quality, and pests.

Cloud-Based Automation Management

Tuya smart agriculture solutions help build the backend management platform to provide full-stack services such as production process planning, park inspection, supervision and management, and agricultural investment management for internal management.

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