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IFREEQ helps retailers work smarter in efficient services and higher revenue.

The market value of smart retail has reached USD10 billion in 2018 and is expected to increase to USD38.5 billion by 2023, with a compound annual growth rate of 24.12%. Currently, China's new retail market is growing vigorously. According to the research from Analysys, the compound annual growth rate of the new retail market from 2017 to 2019 has reached 115%, and the new retail market value is expected to reach CNY1.8 trillion in 2022. Although physical stores will not disappear in the foreseeable future, the impact of e-commerce and the change in consumers' shopping preferences have forced physical stores to upgrade themselves. They must employ technologies to meet consumers' expectations for a simple and smooth shopping experience, and to create digitalized management systems that can reduce costs and boost business growth.

In response to the high standardization required for branded chain stores and the costly on-site inspections, IFREEQ Smart provides retailers with one-stop, video-based remote store inspection solutions. Focusing on operational data analysis, digitalized management, store security, and smart marketing, IFREEQ provides the smart retail solutions based on a business management backend in collaboration with professional retail partners. The solutions employ AI+IoT (AIoT) technologies to provide a digitalized management system that can reduce operational costs and boost business growth.



IFREEQ's AI+IoT underlying capabilities back up the IFREEQ ecosystem. Our powerful P2P video streaming services meet global security compliance standards. The stability, security, experience, and scalability have been fully proved. Our open architecture and systems fully assist in implementing smart security, marketing, and stores.


Out-of-Box Wireless Product Suites

The out-of-box store security systems and remote store inspection systems significantly reduce the cost of device installation and deployment, facilitating the reconstruction and operation of stores.

Digitalized Management for Stores

Based on AIoT technologies and P2P video streaming service capabilities, IFREEQ provides one-stop, video-based remote store inspection solutions that significantly improve the efficiency and digitalization of store management.

Unified Control Capabilities

IFREEQ Cloud allows a retail group to easily manage hundreds of physical stores in a centralized manner. The solutions ensure that standard operating procedures (SOPs) are implemented, effectively guarantee consistent user experience in different stores, and help highlight the brand value.

PaaS Infrastructure Capability

IFREEQ provides massive open APIs to help implement IoT infrastructure and integrate resources of the retail industry, including external solution providers. One-stop solutions cover from the connection layer to the service layer and efficiently empower the full cycle from product development to implementation.

Application Scenarios


Store Inspection

With the mobile app or PC, visually inspect stores in real-time through video streaming. Check and manage goods display, staff performance, and in-store environment.


Goods Display

Product rack arrangement and placement; label information; perishable product expiration.

Staff Performance

Dress code; service attitude; conversation engagement.

In-store Environment

Clean and tidy; room temperature, lighting, broadcast, and TV program; marketing display.


Store Security

IFREEQ addresses the security pain point of chain stores, leveraging the hardware ecosystem to deliver store security solutions. Data visualization provides all-round protection for stores.


Smart Security System

Cost-effective one-stop security solutions coupled with in-store sensors and police-calling services especially build for chain store management.

Dedicated Security Gateway

The security gateway connects and controls all smart devices. Linked with the app to switch the security system on/off even during a power outage.

Arm/Disarm Automation

Fully automated alarm solutions include services such as video surveillance, access control, warning notifications, police call, and more.


Digitalized Store

Evaluate the stores by quantitative factors including inspection results, IoT device status, energy consumption, marketing results, and customer traffic to form a quantitative assessment system.


Store Ranking

Regional store quantitative evaluation and ranking.

Stores Below 80

Provide assessment reports and improvement suggestions.

Individual Store Analysis

The individual store is given specific improving suggestions based on the report.


Environment Data Monitor

Combine both environmental sensors and smart controllers to visualize and monitor store environment and power consumption data for optimal cost and efficiency balance.


Environment Monitor

Monitor in-store temperature and humidity through smart devices to extend the fresh period for the perishable product.

Refrigerated Area

Monitor the refrigerated cabinets to prevent deterioration of food and medicine avoiding food safety issues.

Energy Data

Analyze and visualize energy consumption data to make energy-saving plans and ultimately save operation costs.


Inventory Restock

Chain stores restock inventory through consign distribution channel during early morning or late night. The personnel changes expose potential threats to store security.


Bluetooth Key Box

Smart key boxes solve this problem and allow users to unlock with an app, dynamic password, and fingerprint.

Access Management

View unlocking history, manage fingerprints, one-time passwords, or routine password changes through the app.

Smart Cold Chain

Introduce IoT sensors and monitoring devices to cold chain logistics and distribution. Real-time locating and temp and humidity monitoring ensure stable and reliable services cold chain delivers.


Smart Marketing

Smart marketing system equipped with facial recognition and customer traffic analysis to aid in-store precision marketing and sales based on purchase history and frequency.


Traffic Data Analysis

Perform traffic analysis according to time, region, holiday, and promotion to precisely calculate promotion ROI.

Area Traffic

Collect traffic data from different areas inside the store and generate a heat map to help staff arrangement.

Customer Persona

Match customers profiles and manage by tags, such as age, gender, in-store frequency, and more to provide insight.

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