AI + IP Camera Solution

The Global Leading IoT Audio and Video Platform

As the global leading IoT audio and video platform, IFREEQ has a number of industry-leading proprietary technologies, empowering thousands of products from nearly 200 IPC manufacturers and serving brands worldwide. We provide one-stop smart solutions for security and surveillance products across operating systems, protocols, and categories, to help you quickly implement and connect products with IoT devices in the IFREEQ ecosystem.

All-in-One IPC RN Panels

Smart Camera Technology

Wide Coverage of Functionality

The fully-functional all-in-one panel applies to various categories of IPC products, including mini indoor cameras, PTZ cameras, bullet cameras, low-power cameras, video doorbells, video lights, baby monitors, and smart pet feeders. You can implement panel development in a modular manner. Develop functional modules simply like building blocks. Each independent functional module is maintained and optimized at lower risks and costs, facilitating flexible and convenient extension development and iteration of new functions.
Smart Camera Technology

Flexible Panel Configuration

The panel components are called from IFREEQ RN component library, featuring modern user interface, uniform style, and easy-to-use UI. The component library is constantly updated with baselines to help you keep delivering the best product experience to users. The panel supports light and dark styles and a range of custom configurations. Flexibly configure contents and styles for each functional module to fit different product definitions and application scenarios.

Benefits of IFREEQ's P2P 3.0 Technology

Core Technologies and Capabilities