Smart Gateway Solution

Smart Gateway

The mechanism of preventing accidental deletion of sub-devices effectively resolves the problem of sub-device offline due to misoperation. Fast transfer all the stuff from the old gateway to another. In case of changing a gateway, sync all devices and scenarios to the new one with one click. Access local logs of the gateway remotely, helping to troubleshoot devices and facilitate maintenance.

Wi-Fi Low-Power Fast-Connection Technology

Massive remote control code library in cloud, updated in real time. Supporting 4000+ global brands, realizing the controlling of TV, set-top boxes, network boxes, air conditioners, fans, infrared lights, audio, projectors, etc. Integrate remote control function in different products to realize remote control of home appliances. For example integrate infrared control function for the bedside switch, it becomes a wall switch product with infrared remote control capability that can control the bedroom air conditioner and TV.

Automatic Reminder of Device Offline

Built-in IFREEQ IoT OS make it compatible with most of products in the IFREEQ ecosystem, and can help to realize interconnection among multi brands and categories; It supports mainstream hardware platforms, Android, and Linux operating systems. Various control methods corporation, including screen operation, voice interaction, remote controlling by App, etc. Edge computing, learn user habits automatically, active sorting for common operations.

Senseless Router

For the first pairing, entering the SSID and password is not required. You just wait for the IoT Wi-Fi devices to be connected through the app. If the router updates the SSID and password, it will automatically sync them to the paired IoT Wi-Fi devices, without pairing again. IFREEQ's original technology—local scenario linkage across gateways and protocols, allows smart scenarios and automation to be executed without an internet connection.

Low-Cost Hardware Development

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No-code Development

Quickly develop firmware online in a graphic configurator, requiring no programming skills.
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MCU Low-code Development

Use plug-and-play network modules to create a smart product by writing a few lines of code to the MCU.

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Open-source Hardware Solutions

Tuya provides standardized open-source hardware solutions and design references, greatly reducing your development costs.
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Cloud Configuration

Functions such as fault alerts and scenario automation can be configured in the cloud, without handling complex logic programming.

Connect Hardware Products across Categories