Perimeter Security


What organizations require robust perimeter security protection?

Any industrial or commercial companies that possess know-how technologies or valuable assets, high-risk sites such as airports, banks, military organizations, chemical industry enterprises, power-generating or nuclear plants, ports and transport hubs are the institutions that place great emphasis on blocking unauthorized physical intrusion. The latter can have adverse effects such as theft, heist, vandalism, chemical spill, leakage of classified information, espionage or even terrorist attack. Thus, intrusion to an organization's premises might pose a threat not only to the company accessed but also to public safety, well-being and health.

Prisons and correctional facilities, on the other hand, need a robust perimeter security to prevent escape, prisoner recidivism and contraband that comes from outside of prison walls. A fugitive prisoner at large or a convict who receives tools that will help him to escape put civilians at grave risk.

Therefore, a well thought out security system that protects an organization's perimeter is of paramount importance to a wide number of institutions. It enables companies not only to eliminate potential threat, detect unauthorized entry but also to prevent their occurrence.

What features does modern perimeter security system have?

Over the last years the scope of perimeter security solutions have considerably advanced and present a multi-faceted system thanks to which effective safety can be achieved.

A, Apart from security fencing and other mechanical security measures such as boulders, bollards and road blocks perimeter security might include:

  • Perimeter alarm
  • Video surveillance
  • Microwave detectors

B, Microwave sensors enables detection of an intruder in almost all weather conditions thanks to its high sensitivity

  • Laser scanners
  • Active infrared light barriers
  • Microphone sensor cables
  • Infrared motion detectors

Infrared detectors measure changes in temperature and detect anyone entering large areas on foot or in a vehicle

Thanks to a wide variety of measures a multi-layered perimeter protection can be achieved. This means you can enforce perimeter security not only at the external boundaries of your organization but also at the facades, rooftops, open spaces and facilities themselves. An integrated intelligent system allows you to detect intruders with almost 100% guarantee.

How to establish a robust perimeter security?

First of all, you should analyze risks that your company might face and set security goals. In the majority of cases security fencing and perimeter alarm are the essential parts of security of every brick-and-mortar organization. If your company is located at a high-risk site or there is a need for a sophisticated security system, you should apply intelligent technologies. They allow you to detect intruders thanks to cutting-edge integrated electronic monitoring solutions.

Consider pros and cons of each measure you are planning to enforce. For example, if fog and mist are common in your area, video sensors, infrared motion detectors and light barriers might fail you because of their limited functionality in the event of poor visibility.

As you can see perimeter security is of crucial importance when protecting an object from unauthorized access and informing of an attempt of an intrusion. In order to establish a robust perimeter security you have to develop a security concept and consider such factors as visibility, crime rate, environmental and weather conditions.