RFID Sports Timing

Applying RFID technology for timing all types of sporting events allows event managers to obtain reliable data records automatically and in real time.

IFREEQ RFID provides support and a wide range of products for businesses in the sports timing industry. RFID in Sporting Events is a rapidly developing technology and requires several hardware and software elements, for example, RFID antennas, tags or transponders, readers and timing software.

IFREEQ RFID provides the following:

  • UHF RFID readers and antennas
  • Software control readers
  • RFID inlays and tags
  • UHF tags with foam spacers
  • Disposable ankle and shoe tags
  • RFID Printers
  • Custom printing and encoding services

Choose what you need

If you develop your own software or accreditations and timing solutions, our Dll will help you control the RFID readers. If you need help to make portals, also we can do. IFREEQ remains at your side to which their application is successful.


IFREEQ manufactures and distributes RFID tags in many shapes, forms and sizes. Our sturdy and cost effective tags can be converted using many different materials: cardboard, paper, foam or plastics. Our RFID tags can be fully customizable to your needs, including custom encoding and printing.

RFID Readers

We provide the latest and best hardware to read and capture information from the UHF tags used, including RFID readers and antennas for portals, RFID antennas for ground cables and other complementary elements.

Software and SDKs

No need to be an expert in RFID technology. IFREEQ RFID provides tools and SDKs for easy integration with software, hardware monitoring and managing the data read.