RFID Intelligent Transportation


Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI)

IFREEQ offers ITS RF solutions of two kinds: Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) and Asset Tracking & Recovery.


Asset Tracking & Recovery

Our Radio Location Networks facilitate real-time personal and asset (vehicles, cargo etc.) location- based services on a metropolitan scale.

IFREEQ's technology is based on Terrestrial, Differential Time Of Arrival (DTOA) which is highly immune (in contrast to GPS-based location) to the RF jamming (intentional or non-intentional) and line–of–sight interference which are so common in heavily populated urban areas.

Location Based Service (LBS) providers that have deployed our technology are providing robust and very reliable services for vehicle recovery and commercial fleet management services as well as many security- driven asset management and monitoring applications.

Competitive Advantage

Our unique RF location technology delivers the following competitive edge to our customers:

  • Secure and jamming resistant network based on state-of-the-art Spread Spectrum technology.
  • Continuous and reliable operation in dense urban canyons and inside buildings; no need for line of sight.
  • Lowest operational costs based on use of unlicensed bands, minimal network infrastructure and high reliability end-user devices.
  • High capacity and scalability – precise location and identification is provided simultaneously for hundreds of thousands of customers in the coverage area.
  • Accuracy – Regardless of their location, assets are pinpointed to within 30 meters.