RFID Congresses Accreditations


Access control with RFID technology in congresses, fairs, concerts and exhibitions is a necessary component to verify and allow assistance.

RFID Congresses: IFREEQ provides RFID Infrastructure
IFREEQ is not an event planner, nor a specialized business in offering a complete solution for event managing. IFREEQ provides the technology in order for those responsible of setting up the solution can do it with ease.

IFREEQ offers support by providing:

  • UHF RFID readers and antennas
  • Reader control software
  • RFID tags to be attached to the badges
  • Badges with RFID tags already incorporated
  • DII and SDK's to obtain RFID data in real time
  • Badge printer and encoders


Automatic Vehicle Recognition (With UHF Reader and UHF Tag)

Its operation starts when a user with the passive tag drive through the UHF reader located at the entrance of the parking lot. The UHF reader will recognize the tag. The car park barrier will lift up for access upon valid recognition. If not, access will be denied.


Choose what you need

If you develop your own software, our DII will help you control the RFID readers. We can also help you build RFID portals. IFREEQ stays by your side to guarantee your application is a success.

UHF and HF RFID Tags

RFID tags to be attached in your paper, cardboard, or plastic badges. We deliver them with or without printing, as well as encoded with their customized chip codes.

RFID Readers and Antennas

We provide all sorts of hardware to read and capture the data contained inside the badges: RFID readers and antennas, cables, and complementary assets.

Software and SDKs

You don't need to know a lot about RFID, since we give you all the software and SDK's tools you'll need for a simple integration with your existing software, controlling the hardware, and managing the read data.