RFID Automotive


Manufacturers are connecting all their operations to achieve better visibility, decrease production times and increase control over products.

The industry is digitizing its processes and connecting all products with technologies RFID to reduce workloads and verify tasks automatically. Several car manufacturers and component factories already use these technologies in their processes and are currently integrating with their suppliers to achieve complete flexibility during the supply chain.

Identification applications ensure that components and products are in place at the right time. Many types of RFID tags are needed to cover different types of applications; from an RFID tag for plastic boxes used in the warehouse to tags that go inside the vehicle with the need to withstand high temperatures and chemicals.

IFREEQ designs and manufactures RFID labels and RFID tags that always respond to the same quality performance. So whatever your application we can guarantee you a correct response from the tag.

IFREEQ tags lead to industry 4.0 and IoT applications.


RFID in the automotive industry can be applied to identify, control production and give visibility to the supply chain from components to product sales.

Vehicle manufacturers

Component manufacturers

Logistics providers

Dealers and customers