RFID Textile and Fashion Industry


RFID in the textile and fashion industry is more than necessary. You'll be able to control your items from production to sale, avoiding "out of stock" and gaining the fidelity of your costumers.

IFREEQ RFID offers multiple solutions, according to your needs, to guarantee a proper control of the clothing items with RFID inlays and tags.

IFREEQ's Textile and Fashion Industry solution provides you with high performance of your supply chain, greatly improving the following aspects:

  • Reduce Inventory Time
  • Reduce Reception Time
  • Avoid "Out-Of-Stock"
  • revention of Unknown Losses
  • Increase Cross Selling


Processes where RFID technology adds value

Precise and fast inventory

Drastic reduction of inventory time with the highest precision and reliability. You'll know what you have when you need it, allowing you to improve you customer service.

Avoid "out-of-stock"

With an accurate knowledge of your inventory and items sold, you will adjust your stocks and prevent the consumer from leaving without finding their size, color, model... Gain your customers trust.

Accelerate Replenishment

Become aware of your needs for immediate replenishment where it's needed and when it's needed. You will be able to keep your costumer satisfied.

RFID Anti-Theft Systems

RFID technology is also used for electronic item surveillance (EAS), as well as for inventory and logistics processes. A complete solution that is deactivated at the cash register once the sale is completed.

Tags - Source Tagging

Using RFID tags from the start, the entire textile value chain increases its speed, information and decision-making ability; receiving the items ready to be sold.

Textile Logistics with RFID

The entire supply chain, from manufacturing to the point of sale, streamlines processes, simplifies jobs that don't add value, and places items when and where the consumer needs them.