Smart Home

For manufacturers in various industries, IFREEQ Technologies provides fast configuration and realizes rapid and intelligent products.

Smart Hotel

While ensuring safety and energy saving, the smart hotel solution also reduces operating costs, further improves hotel management efficiency and service quality, thereby effectively improving the hotel's competitiveness.

Smart City

Share the business opportunities of billions of smart city projects, grab dividends, and accelerate the commercialization of partners.

Smart Manufacture

Create an industrial Internet platform across industries, and combine ecological precipitation vertical industry solutions to help companies upgrade smart manufacturing.

Smart Community

Drive application innovation with artificial intelligence, optimize resource sharing with credit system, and jointly build park service system with open platform.

Smart Campus

Intelligent IoT campus, real-time sensorless data collection, improve management efficiency. A new classroom experience of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Smart Agriculture

Based on the construction of a digital agricultural sending facility platform, empowering ecological partners, and providing rich references for agricultural scenarios.

Intelligent Retail

Provide catering industry, retail industry, and segmented commercial entertainment solutions to help retail restaurants be smart.

Smart Medical

Provide smart hospital, smart pharmacy full set of solutions, IFREEQ ecological empowers the digital transformation of the medical industry.